Water reuse project making Wichita Falls famous

By Jason Feller, Times Record News, Wichita Falls, Texas 5/9/14

Wichita Falls’ work on a water reuse project that would turn wastewater into drinking water continues to garner national – and even international – attention.

The whole notion of ‘toilet to tap’, as the national media likes to say, definitely catches people’s attention. It’s hard for some around the nation to fathom that a city would consider drinking wastewater, even if the science is sound and the final product is likely cleaner than regular water. The Today Show became the latest media powerhouse to jump on the topic, spending several minutes on a segment dedicated to it Thursday morning. That comes on the heels of a Fox News story in March and an NPR report earlier this week.

The Daily Mail in London, Bloomberg News and the Texas Tribune are among the other media entities that have covered the subject over the last few months.

Generally speaking, all of the stories focus on how gross the concept seems at first, before they explain the science behind it and why it actually might make sense.

In addition to all of the burgeoning interest in this story by the press, health organizations from Israel, Ireland, California and elsewhere have contacted the Times Record News and/or the city and are monitoring the project closely.