New Water Tests Show Reuse Water Safe to Drink

KFDX, Wichita Falls, Texas, 6/16/14

Watch the segment:

The second round of water quality testing on the emergency water reuse project wrapped up Sunday, and results show the water meets or exceeds drinking water standards.

The new round of tests required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality adds more data and details to the original report. City officials say the second round of testing was helpful because they were able to train their operators to be prepared for any problems.

“You know if you hit a trigger level of something in the treatment process, what does that tell you to do operator? And they make the corrections or revisions or they turn something off, whatever is required,” says Wichita Falls Public Works Director Russell Schreiber. 

The TCEQ was more involved in this round of tests. They were at the water treatment plant for the first 18 days of the tests.

This week city officials will finish and send off the final report to the TCEQ. The city hopes to have the recycled water in the system in early July.