Absolute Water completes installation of ‘toilet-to-tap’ WWTP in India

WaterWorld, 7/29/15

Absolute Water (AW) -- a cleantech company that provides turnkey solutions for converting waste into clean water, and a Division of Indo American Chemicals -- has successfully finished installation of a 'toilet-to-tap' wastewater treatment plant for the Delhi Government. With the technology, 85 percent of the raw sewage water, once taken through the correct processes, can be converted to safe drinking water.

India's first such plant producing 100,000 liters of clean drinking water per day was inaugurated on Thursday, July 9, by the Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal at Keshopur in Delhi. Shri Kejriwal said such localized plants can be the ideal solution for Delhi's water woes and sanitation problems. The conventional methods cost large amounts, besides needing infrastructure like the laying of sewer pipelines.

The simple process works on the principal of vermi-filtration where specially bred worm species and a mix of bacteria act on the suspended and dissolved solids in the raw sewage and biologically degrade in an environmentally safe manner. This AW process can be used to treat the sewage at locations near the Ganga or Yamuna and clean water discharged into the river to maintain their ecological flow while making them safe for bathing, aquatic life, etc.

The Biomass is changed once in six to eight months, and the reject biomass is excellent Humus, for soil rejuvenation and has no odor. The final stage is the membrane filter, a non-RO System, with a high recovery of 85 percent of water. The reject water is very high in nutrients and acts as a liquid fertilizer.

About Absolute Water

Absolute Water is part of the 30-year-old Chemical Systems Technologies, which caters specifically to the sugar industry and offers specialty process chemicals and various process technologies for sugar manufacturing. AW is an integrated cleantech company that provides turnkey solutions for converting waste into clean water. Leveraging its founders' 30+ years' experience in technology development and deployment, AW specializes in design-build-operate models of complete water recovery systems. The company can treat any kind of water not matter its source or contamination level and can produce any type of clean water, including 100-percent drinkable water. For more information, visit http://absolutewater.in/.