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Data Instincts adds a "Learning Center" to its web site for immediate access to resources for e-Commerce and eCRM

Santa Rosa, CA -- January 10, 2000 -- Data Instincts has expanded its web site for small to mid-size companies by adding a resource directory, called the Learning Center, for quickly locating companies and software tools to help them participate in the e-Commerce and eCRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) boom. "We receive hundreds of e-mails from companies trying to locate the right tools and people to help them further develop their sites and connect their enterprises. It is especially challenging for operations of 1 to 50 users" explained Mark Millan, the founder of Data Instincts. "Developers have been focused on the Fortune 1000 market, now new products have come into play that are more affordable to small and mid-size businesses. We have simply corralled them into one place so they are easier to locate and access."

The Learning Center covers topics such as On-line Data Mining, Help Desks, Locating Lists, Sales Force Automation (SFA), Fax and E-mail Broadcasting and much more. "Later this year we will begin offering access to Web applications in many of these categories. This will be the year of Web "Apps", which will typically cost a fraction of the price of out-of-the-box solutions, and we will either have them, or point you to where you can get them." said Millan

For those unfamiliar with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and eCRM (CRM applied to web sites); “The goal of CRM is to seamlessly integrate every area of your business that affects your customer: sales, marketing and customer service.” explains founder, Mark Millan. “CRM allows you to implement a business model that ensures maximum satisfaction for your customers on and off line, and keeps you competitive and profitable.”

Data Instincts, One to One Marketing Solutions, is a consulting firm serving small to mid-size companies and organizations in CRM and eCRM since 1998. Data Instincts addresses the diverse aspects of Customer Relationship Management and guides organizations through integrating them into their operations. Clients include, Ch2m Hill, Healthcare FCU,, Larkspur Data, Lisa Hemenway, Nolte Media and others.

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