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Data Instincts assists Larkspur Data in updating their customer service network

Windsor, CA -- May 17, 1999 -- Larkspur Data of Novato, recently updated its entire customer service system. Many manual functions are now automated and it is estimated that productivity will be substantially increased. “We networked all of their sales people and their contacts for universal views and increased customer support. Their prior set up was hurting their ability to grow. The automated functions make it much easier to meet customer and prospect requests,” explains Data Instincts, Principal, Mark Millan. “Our next steps is to mine our customer database more efficiently for upgrades to our products. Segmenting and creating defined markets will be much easier. We have also updated our website to better mesh with our new operations." said, Fred Greenstein, Director of Business Development, Larkspur Data.

Data Instincts is one of the few Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) firms in the North Bay. CRM automates marketing and sales functions and utilizes customer and prospect databases to maximize sales.

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