Recycled Water Resources

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Facts, tips, and myths on water conservationnew window

2012 EPA Guidelines for Water Reuse Released <img alt=

New Trailer for Last Call at the Oasis,new window very funny and featuring Jack Black on Potable Reuse

Video - Downstream:new window A simple story about the need for water reuse technology for a sustainable future by Linda MacPherson, Dr. Shane Snyder, Ian Law and Steve Johnson

Reclaimed Water - A reliable, safe alternative water supply <img alt=
A recently published brochure on the history and safety of reclaimed and/or recycled water. Developed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. The brochure presents the major studies which adequately address the quality and safety questions about the use of reclaimed water. The brochure also includes significant uses in the United States and globally, the government actions which ensure its continued safe use, as well as historical information which demonstrates that both urban and agricultural irrigation use of reclaimed/recycled water is a safe and effective water supply.

Books that could prove helpful
An assorted list we have found useful in understanding Community Relationship Management (CRM), how the public views water issues and other public perception dynamics.

California Cities Using Recycled Water (pdf)
A thorough resource including a detailed list of recycled water usage in California cities.

California Cities Using Recycled Water
A modified list of the above that includes only those cities using recycled water in schools.

Examples of Residential Common Area Recycling in Longboat Key, FL (pdf)
Detailed statistical information on recycled water usage in Longboat Key, FL.

Helpful Reference Links to other Web sites regarding use of Recycled Water (pdf)
This list has been prepared by Data Instincts and is regularly updated.

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Source: MRWPCA, Monterey County

High Schools Using Recycled Water in California
A list of high schools using recycled water in California. (Updated May ’04)

Reports Relating to Health Safety Issues of Recycled Water (pdf)
A detailed report consisting of facts and references relating to health safety regulations involved with using recycled water.

Trace Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Product Residues in Recycled Waters: Occurrence, Fate, Toxicology, and Risk.(pdf) Presentations from a Santa Rosa, California Board of Public Utilities Study Session held on April 19, 2007. Includes; Shane A. Snyder, Ph.D. R&D Project Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority, Jean Debroux Ph.D., chemical and environmental engineer/scientist with Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, and Laura Kennedy, risk analysis specialist with Kennedy/Jenks Consultants.

Water Recycling in Australianew window
Source: ARRIS Pty Ltd

WateReuse Foundationnew window
Recent published research papers on Recycled Water

Save Water When Traveling
How to conserve water during your travels

Water Conservation Throughout the Home
You’ll be surprised at just how much water you can save.