Spinach Crisis 2007: Updates on food safety and use of recycled water on food crops

Farmers take steps to grow public trust pdf
Following 2006 disaster, food is closely tested.
CHCF Center for Health Reporting
November 26, 2011, Daily News

On the Trail of a Killer <img alt=
UC Davis Magazine Online - Spring 2007
E. Coli outbreak sends scientists in search of practical solutions. By Pat Bailey

Stalking a killer in our greens (pdf)
August 13, 2007, By Marla Cone, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Lawsuits settled in three deaths linked to E. coli (pdf)
April 23, 2007, Los Angeles Times

San Benito County ranch source of tainted spinach  (pdf)
March 23, 2007, San Francisco Chronicle

Distributors eye farming changes (pdf)
March 21, 2007, Associated Press, By Jacob Adelman, staff writer

Food safety gets new federal scrutiny - Public hearing set for Oakland in wake of E. coli outbreaks (pdf)
March 18, 2007, The Sacramento Bee

Governor Stalls Agriculture Overhaul (pdf)
March 2, 2007, Los Angeles Times

Three Produce Safety Bills introduced by Senator Florez (pdf)
February 1, 2007

Senator Offers Reforms to Ensure Safety of Leafy Greens (pdf)
January 31, 2007, PRNewswire-USNewswire

E. coli probe making headway (pdf)
October 27, 2006, Associated Press

Growers taking heed - Farms evaluate safety after E.coli scare (pdf)
October 20, 2006, Ventura County Star

Why Do We Abandon Science in Favor of PR? Orange County Follies (pdf)
October 10, 2006, Frank Pecarich, California Progress Report

E. coli strain found in pasture (pdf)
October 4, 2006, Sacramento Bee

Tainted Spinach Brings Demands for New Rules (pdf)
September 27, 2006, New York Times

Decade of outbreaks casts suspicion on Salinas Valley water (pdf)
September 24, 2006, Sacramento Bee

Everyone Has a Theory as Area Braces for Losses, More Scrutiny (pdf)
September 22, 2006, San Jose Mercury News

Officials: Recycled water OK despite spinach (pdf)
September 21, 2006, Water Tech Online

Leafy Green Sewage (pdf)
September 21, 2006, The New York Times

Recycled Water Safe, Essential, Officials Say (pdf)
September 21, 2006, Monterey Herald

Battered Vegetable Industry Looks to Regain Public Trust (pdf)
September 20, 2006, Sacramento Bee

Florez Calls for Stricter Controls on State’s Produce (pdf)
September 20, 2006, Fresno ABC Action News

Officials Comb Salinas Farms (pdf)
September 20, 2006, San Jose Mercury News

Florez Announces Measure to Eliminate Dangerous Loopholes Exposed by E-coli Crisis (pdf)
September 18, 2006, Fresno District Office of Senator Dean Florez